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Ib Pixiv Tags



Ib (Main tag)

イヴ | イヴ - Ib

ギャリー | ギャリー - Garry

メアリー | メアリー - Mary

ギャリイヴ (Gyariivu) - Garry/Ib

メアイヴ (Meaivu) - Mary/Ib

メアギャリ (Meagyari) - Garry/Mary

More Tags:

ゲルテナ - Guertena.

ゲルテナ作品 - Guertena’s Works.

失敗作 - Mistake.

赤い服の女 - Lady in Red.

青い服の女 - Lady in Blue.

無個性 - Death of the Individual.

青い人形 - Blue Doll.

深海の世 - Abyss of the Deep (Painting)

死後の逢瀬 - Tryst After Death (Sculpture)

xxanimefan127xx sent: having past experience seeing this before, I am surprisingly prepared for this... *puts on anon costume*

Friendly reminder that if you really want your question answered, you will have a better chance at not being ignored if you go off anon. (◕‿◕✿)


Age swap M!A: 5/5

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Let Her Go - Passenger

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hey I’m putting this blog out there because holy crap my ship

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Anonymous sent: Was my question offensive? I'm sorry if I offended the fandom and fandoms in general, I just wanted to hear your opinion on shipping.

omfg no not offensive, that’s not it!

I don’t think my opinion on shipping was asked, but what do u want to know about it? if you want to talk to me about shipping though you’d better head on to my personal since that’s not really relevant to this blog..)

your question was if you are “supposed” to ship gyarrivu (Ib/Garry), and I don’t want anyone to feel that they are being mandated to like/dislike a thing just because other people do. No one is forcing you into anything so I don’t want people claiming that that’s what shippers have been doing because that’s not it at all

I guess a lot of other people actively agree to that as well, I’m surprised to see that last post actually got notes!


Anonymous sent: Am I supposed to ship Ib and Garry? Because I had always thought that he was an older brother for her or something...

You’re not “supposed" to do anything

What you are “supposed" to do is to just be enjoying Ib with everyone else

There’s not anything anyone is “supposed" to like or dislike in order to be in the fandom

And no one should suppose otherwise


chroniclesofna sent: I always thought Garry was 18...? Since Ib's rose has 5 petals and she is 9 in the game, Garry's 10 petal rose might means he is twice her age. Was it ever officially stated anywhere by Kouri?

It was stated on the Ib pixiv wiki :o Unfortunately, kouri doesn’t mention Garry’s age anywhere on his blog as far as I know!

(I’m pretty sure the number of rose petals don’t correspond to age, though. It wouldn’t make sense for an elderly man to have a bouquet of roses whereas a younger, fitter man would have less)

- Mod

shipped-teacup sent: Hello! I was watching Markiplier's playthrough of Ib and I read in the comments something strange. Someone states (with complete assurance) that Garry is actually a younger self of Guertana, which is why his knowledge in the art is so full. I tried to find a confirmation on google, but found nothing, (and then I found your blog, so yay! *w*) Do you know anything about that? Because if it's true, I will scream because I just started making sense of the game. Thank you!

Nope! There is absolutely no assurance that Garry=Guertena. Be careful of the Ib fandom on youtube, they are notorious for making false statements “with complete assurance” without any real knowledge of what they are saying. I once saw a comment on a video asserting, with absolute certainty, that Garry is 16 years old, which is not true at all! (Garry is 20 years old.) 

In fact, it would make less sense for them to be the same person because it begs several questions, such as how could he be alive? why couldn’t he appreciate his works of art? why couldn’t he recognize them as their creator? just to state a few. And it would be a bit fallacious to say that Garry’s “knowledge of the art is so full”, because in fact, if you still remember Garry’s remarks on each of the artworks in the gallery, he could hardly understand any of the pieces at all! ( ̄∇ ̄)/

Actually, a more plausible theory would be that Garry is actually Guertena’s grandson. This would explain him knowing which year “Juggling” was created, which was said in the game to be a portrait of a juggler Guertena saw in a circus with his grandchild.

People have come up with a lot of Garry=Guertena theories (I’ve made a few of them myself hihi), but making them fit into the puzzle makes things a bit more complex. This of course, definitely makes the game more interesting. After all, it might explain why Garry and Ib were able to get into the horror gallery when the others couldn’t, probably. But the biggest qualms I have when pondering on Garry=Guertena theories is whether they would be something kouri himself would have come up with. 

Regardless though, such theories are always the most fun to talk about! (◕ヮ◕)


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Following up on Anon’s recent confession, I think we should maybe try to become more of a community! I feel as though it’s not really that intimidation perhaps, but it’s more that no one really talks to one another in general. I’m not entirely sure how we can work on becoming more of an inviting community, but it’s definitely something we should aspire to!



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(Source: hipazia)

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this guy who was so obnoxious to ib earlier has the hots for mary
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this guy who was so obnoxious to ib earlier has the hots for mary

chroniclesofna sent: Helloooo, I just had a really great Idea :3 Ib (game) turns 2 this year on February 27th, so maybe we could organise a prompt week to celebrate it and make it popular again? :3 Even if it doesn't become as popular as it used to be, it would still bring a breath air into the fandom :3 Fanfics, fanart, cosplay, anything really! It would be really neat :3

You know what that’s a REALLY great idea! (´・ω・`)

I have actually been thinking of something like that for sometime, an Ib prompt week ya know like what the SNK fandom is all up to lately

It’s less heavy than an Ib Month challenge and more flexible than an art meme.

Unfortunately I will most definitely be busy in February. :( I wonder if someone else can host that instead?? But for now if I ever plan an Ib-themed week it’d probably be for another time! >_o Hnnng.


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Anonymous sent: Um, hello! I'm fairly new and I noticed on the sidebar you stated this blog is headcanon heavy. I was wondering if you could maybe state what they are or maybe link me to a previous post you might have made about them? I'm sorry for the trouble...

Oh hello! New, eh? I’m so sorry you had to find my blog while the fandom is in such a slump haha sob

Anyway, here are the headcanons currently revealed from asks answered so far (not in any particular order):

  • Garry’s purple hair is dyed.
  • Garry smokes, but is quitting. He uses lemon candy to ease the urge.
  • Garry and Ib’s parents have already met and are familiar with each other. They are aware of Ib’s frequent visits to his place.
  • Ib speaks quietly. She can say a lot when she wants to, but really talks only when necessary.
  • Ib explicitly claims that she “loves Garry” and openly expresses her wish to someday marry him. Garry wards off her “advances” and dismisses her feelings as the “brother complex” sort.
  • Garry has an older sister, whose children he used to hang around with a lot in high school.
  • Garry seems to have a bad relationship with his mother, or at least, they are not in touch anymore.
  • Mary’s favorite color is blue.

Other important info implied/shown/stated as canon:

  • Ib has a close relationship with her mother.
  • Ib loves bunnies. Her father gives her lots of bunny doll plushies, for which her mother scolds him, remarking that Ib is mature for her age and may be outgrowing those type of gifts.
  • The image of bunnies in the “Red Eyes” room was a hallucination on Ib’s part as a result of her weakening heart. Garry and Mary were able to see them as they really were, the dolls. (IMPORTANT)
  • Garry uses female pronouns and uses feminine hand gestures.
  • Mary is friends with the artwork pieces in the gallery, and can to some degree control them.
  • Mary regards Guertena as her “dad” and knows him as a “great artist” but is unaware that he has passed on. (She actually hopes to see him in the real world.)
  • Mary really likes the color blue. (lol)

I’ll add in more if I remember any, but you’ve reminded me to put up that headcanons/faq page that I keep putting off ;u; So, maybe I’ll get around to doing that instead, maybe… haha